Cedric The Entertainer

It would appear the affection Jamaicans have for American comedian/actor Cedric 'The Entertainer' is mutual as, according to the popular television personality, he is still revelling in an un-forgettable experience he had here 14 years ago.

"I had a trip down to Kingston - maybe it was 1995. Part of the trip was that I was supposed to spend a couple of days in Negril," recalled Cedric. "They were going to fly me over in a small plane, but something went wrong, so I ended up driving over in a Jamaican cab. It was all fun 'cause I got to drink Red Stripe beer and red rum and had a ball meeting and greeting the people."

Cedric, who will be visiting Jamaica for the upcoming Caribbean Classic Golf Invitational from June 24-28, which includes a comedy show, said he is looking forward to more fun timesin Jamaica.

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