Mr Vegas kicked off his 'I Am Blessed' European tour on July 13 with a rousing performance on a show dubbed Summer Reggae Fest at Fort de Saint Pere in France.

Vegas, who had performed in France earlier this year, arrived at the venue at about 1 a.m. and hit the stage about 10 minutes later.

Working on tracks, Mr Vegas showed why he is one of the most in-demand artistes on the European show circuit each year with a high-energy set that had the audience in a flag-waving frenzy. Working for an hour, doing a set peppered with dancehall hits Tek Weh Yuself, Raging Bull and Hot Wuk, Vegas added old-time dancehall favourites such as Heads High, which is a guaranteed forward in some areas of Europe, and Nike Air which got a loud roar from the audience.

He closed his well-received set with his most recent chart-topper, I Am Blessed, and exited the stage to a rousing round of applause to make way for Buju Banton and his Til Shiloh band.