Dancehall artiste KipRich says the rumours surrounding a feud between himself and fellow artiste, Flippa Mafia, are false.

According to KipRich: "I did a song at Shocking Vibes studio the other day and some likkle man who love carry news gone and carry it the wrong way and said I did a song that was directed at Flippa. If one next KipRich out deh recording songs, mi ah go ask him fi stop."

Flippa Mafia was recently at odds with dancehall's cross and angry 'Warlord', Bounty Killer, because of the song, Unfinished House, a song that Flippa did. According to previous media reports, most thought the song was directed at Killer.

KipRich, whose correct name is Marlon Plunkett, is also an affilate of the Alliance, said: "The person who carried back news to Flippa obviously never know say me and Flippa grow together in Waterhouse, so I would hear back. To show you how weird it is, the song not even name yet, but I think I'm going to call it Chat Too Much.

A line from the chorus says 'dem chat too much, wha mek dem cyaan mek a ting an' just clutch...' So I don't know if is that the person hear and say 'yeah a muss Flippa dat a talk 'bout'. But a jus' suh some people fool."

The artiste said after Flippa heard about the song, "He called and asked me about the song and he told me what he heard and when it came down to it, it was a different story reach him tru di Chinese telephone ... You just have some people who hang roun' artiste and carry news fi get a ting or get ratings more time, but there is no animosity and there won't be any. Right now it's all about music and mi naw slow down fi no foolishness."

KipRich returned to the island on Sunday following a performance at the Atlanta-based nightclub, Club Intrigue, on Saturday night. The show, which was called 'Nuh Behaviour', based on KipRich's tag line, received overwhelming support from patrons, and also featured artistes Bling Dawg, Flex and New York-based artiste Fats.

This Saturday, KipRich will be performing for, and mingling with the staff of, the five-star resort hotel, Gran Bahia Principe in St Ann.

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