Left: Poor and Boasy. Right: Lindon Clarke shows his covered wounds. He said he was stabbed by Poor and Boasy last Friday morning. - Contributed

Oh Oh, Poor and Boasy is a wanted man!

Poor and Boasy, real name Omar Johnson, has found himself on the wrong side of the law, as he is accused of being involved in a stabbing incident which occurred last week.

Our Sources  has learnt that Johnson is now wanted in connection with the stabbing of Lindon Clarke, a resident of Aenon Town, Clarendon, where the incident allegedly occurred.

Checks with the Spaldings police confirmed that a report was made on Saturday, after which an effort was made to nab Johnson.

A policeman said Johnson was expected to attend a dance which was being held in Spaldings, also in the parish.


The efforts of the police were, however, thwarted, as Johnson reportedly did not turn up.

Corporate Area police stations have since been briefed, the policeman added.

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