Vybz Kartel a.k.a Addi the Teacha has announced that he will not clash with Alliance boss Bounty Killer at any stage show, and certainly not at Sting 2009 at Jamworld, Portmore.

 "Mi nuh know a wah fly up inna Sting Laing head. Mi nah clash widBounty. Ninjaman ah di last outdated artiste me war wid. Bownty get him time wid Beenie and now because people want see me and di Barber (to a lesser level), it hurt him. No more Alliance is just Gaza and Gully (toa lesser extent). Mi no have time fi idlers like Killa, mi ah do song fi di nation and di world if him want a man back fi ride, tell him to continue ride Bling Dawg's," he said.

"Ah Kartel and di Barber time ya now, Killa need fi mek good song weh people waan hear," he said.

 INTERVIEWER: But what about the counteraction songs he voiced recently?

 "Songs? Which songs? Were those supposed to be songs? I only corrected,never counteracted. But judging from the last 'song', I see his song writers - cause him nuh write nuh song - are beyond help and recovery. Gaza-Gully (the latter to a lesser extent) is where it stands. If him want war Merciless and Beenie and all the artistes of his era are there. Why when mi did a diss him fi one year straight, him never answer? Him fi go work at Heineken Star time now and Good Times wid Ken Boothe dem and lef dancehall to me and di Barber and stop embarass him shadow of his former self," Vybz Kartel said.

 Vybz Kartel won the title of deejay of the year in 2008 on the strength of singles such as Ramping Shop and Million Dollars by a Morning. Hehas continued a torrid run in 2009 racking up an amazing five number one singles since the start of the year. Ramping Shop is also at £86 on the Billboard R & B/Hip Hop singles chart.

source: one876