Kimberly Nain was born on the sixteenth of May, 1989. Ever since her birth she was thought to become a great singer, a talent she would have acquired from her father, Audley Nain who used to be a member of the ‘Jamaican Folk Singers’. Ever since her first note, Kimberly always aimed at being the centre of attention when in a crowd. Back in her high school years at ‘St. Jago High’ she gained experience in performing both in music and drama. She took on numerous responsibilities, leading the Journalism & Arts Society, acting as Assistant Public Relations Officer of Key Club and taking part in the Volley Ball team. A very active individual she was indeed but none of these experiences could top her love for the ‘Santiago Singers’ choir led by principal, Keith Noel. It was this part of her life that made her realize that music was her true love. From there on, Kimberly continued to work on her vocals both at home and at school; while washing the dishes and while singing popular songs during break periods at school with classmates. Mr. Noel pushed her as well as fellow school-mate Christopher Martin into properly developing themselves musically and while maintaining their grades. However, it wasn’t until after Chris Martin had won Rising Stars that Kimberly got her big push into the music business by well known producer of Goodthyme Entertainment, Seandue Lashley. It was then in 2008 that she wrote and recorded her first song “Angel” at Anchor Studio by Delroy “Phatta” Pottinger. She has since continued her works in the music business having recorded at several studios namely, Cashflow, Grafton, LMR Productions, U.I.M. Production and currently works with Izes Records. “Honestly, I never knew that I could have even started doing music but it happened and I’m extremely grateful for being given the opportunity to do so. No doubt I’ll do my absolute best; doing everything I can to satisfy my audience. My greatest influence I would have to say is my mom and dad; even though mommy can’t sing to save her life she has given me enough moral support and critique to perfect my work while daddy has been my main source of advice in the music business. I do have other family already involved in music like my cousins, Jermaine Edwards in Gospel, Andrea Burgess in Reggae in the states, Jahmill Bernard a rapper in London, God-brother Jordan ‘Illa J’ Batts (featured in my single ‘Spinning’) and my uncle Danny Tucker who plays the Saxophone in the States. I have 120% support from my family and friends who I love to death, God has blessed me with great people around me and with that in mind there’s nothing that can hold me back!” 

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